• Post time: Feb-26-2024

    All the staff of Hebei Yida would like to wish all our customers and partners a prosperous career and happy family in the new year. We appreciate a lot for your trust and support in the past year and look forward to continuing to work together in 2024 to create a better ...Read more »

  • Our New Products – The Split Lock Coupler
    Post time: Nov-16-2023

    The biggest feature of rebar mechanical connection technology is that it relies on connecting coupler to connect two rebar together, the connection strength is high and the joint quality is stable. It can realize prefabrication or prefabrication of rebar before construction. The on-site rebar con...Read more »

  • Наши новые продукты – Коническая разрезную муфту
    Post time: Nov-03-2023

    Самая большая особенность технологии механического соединения арматуры заключается в том, что для соединения двух стальных стержней вместе используются соединительные втулки. Прочность соединения высокая, а качество соединения стабильное. Можно реализовать сборку или предварительное изготовление ...Read more »

  • The first day of February started with full energy and technical knowledge
    Post time: Feb-06-2023

    On February 1st, 2023, Hebei Yida’s project department, technical department, QC department and after-sales department jointly organized training and exchange activities, and further discussed the problems and solutions encountered in the current nuclear power projects we serve, as well as ...Read more »

  • Hebei Yida Reinforcing Bar Connecting Technology Co., Ltd. 2022 Annual Commendation Award Ceremony
    Post time: Jan-31-2023

    In the past 2022, all Hebei Yida people worked hard, quickly responded to various challenges, and continued to improve product quality. Under the guidance of the business policy of “Innovation driven, Self breakthrough”, we have achieved stable and progressive business results, compet...Read more »

  • Hebei Yida Technical Team went to Building Structure Institute of Beijing Nuclear Engineering Research & Design Institute for Technical Exchange and Learning
    Post time: Jan-31-2023

    On January 12, Technical director HUANG JIANQING and chief engineer WANG QIJUN of Hebei Yida Reinforcing Bar Connecting Technology Co., Ltd., led a team to Building Structure Institute of Beijing Nuclear Engineering Research & Design Institute for technical exchange ...Read more »

  • ALL our team members of Linko wish you a very Happy New Year.
    Post time: Jan-10-2023

    2022 is past and 2023 is coming. Everything takes on a new look, in this New Year's Day, all our team members of Linko wish you a very Happy New Year.   Hebei Yida Reinforcing Bar Connecting Technology ...Read more »

  • Happy New Year from Hebei Yida Reinforcing Bar Connecting Technology Co., Ltd
    Post time: Jan-04-2023

    The staff of Hebei Yida wish all of you: a good health and a happy family and good luck in the New Year! Hebei Yida Reinforcing Bar Connecting Technology Co., Ltd, China's Top level-headed & profess...Read more »

  • Введение о Yida ACJ стандарной муфте
    Post time: Nov-18-2022

    Крупная ядерная авария наносит серьезный удар по социальной стабильности и экономическому развитию страны и имеет эффект "цепи рисков", который не похож ни на одну другую аварию в отрасли. После сильного землетрясения и цунами 11 марта 2011 года на атомной электростанци...Read more »

  • About Rebar Coupler
    Post time: Oct-18-2022

    Steel bar couplers for connecting fittings with a diameter of 12-40 mm with tapered threads. Couplers are the most modern way to connect fittings in construction. They are used in construction of public and residential buildings, structures and constructions. They allow you to connect any type o...Read more »

  • Post time: Nov-05-2019

    Dear friends, Thank you very much for your long-term support of our company. We are going to exhibit at the BIG5 Dubai in Nov 2019, and hereby sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our booth. Looking forward to your visit. Big 5 DUBAI 2019 Exhibition date: Nov 25th – 28t...Read more »

  • Dubai or Shanghai, where would you like to meet us? Here’s an invitation from Hebei Yida
    Post time: Nov-10-2018

    Dear friends, Thank you very much for your support to our company for a long time. We are going to attend two exhibitions at same time in Nov 2018, and hereby sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our booth. May you visit our booth on the BIG5 Dubai 2018 in Dubai or on th...Read more »

  • Why do I only choose steel socket connection?
    Post time: Aug-28-2018

    The continuous renewal of the steel connecting sleeve technology has led to the further innovation of the whole construction industry and the continuous progress of the technology. Compared with the traditional steel bar connection mode (tower connection and welding), it has obvious advantages: 1...Read more »

  • In August, we received the uae DCL quality system audit and product certification
    Post time: Aug-20-2018

    In August 2018, Mr.Yusuf, Mr.Rashed came to Hebei Yida Reinforcing Bar Connecting Technology co., LTD. to carry out the audit of uae DCL quality system and product certification. The audit experts of the uae DCL certification authority conducted the quality management system effectiveness audit ...Read more »

  • Post time: Aug-20-2018

    Hebei Yida Reinforcing Bar Connecting Technology co., LTD. has welcomed the quality assurance inspection of fangchenggang nuclear power project department of the second bureau of China construction engineering. The inspection of the project group of fangchenggang nuclear power plant of the second...Read more »

  • Rules for mechanical connection of reinforcement
    Post time: Aug-13-2018

    1. There shall be no less than 3 joint specimens of steel bars of each specification, and no less than 3 specimens of tensile strength of steel bar parent material shall be taken from the same steel bar of joint specimens. 2. Site inspection shall be carried out in batches, and the same batch of...Read more »

  • What equipment is needed for making steel sleeves?
    Post time: Aug-09-2018

    1.Steel pre – press or upsetting machine Easy access steel rebar upsetting machine is a special equipment for mechanical connection of steel rebar upsetting straight thread. The actual cross-sectional area after thread processing is larger than the original steel cross-sectional area, and ...Read more »

  • Post time: Aug-01-2018

    Reinforced mechanical connection head according to the principle of design is divided into Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ at three levels. The joints shall be of strength and deformation.The standard values of the yield and tensile capacity of the joints shall not be less than 1.10 times of the standard values of the y...Read more »

  • Application of positive and negative wire sleeve in engineering
    Post time: Jul-26-2018

    Straight thread joints can be divided into: standard type, positive and negative screw fastener type; A. Standard type of the same diameter — used for free rotation of reinforcement, first screw the sleeve onto one steel bar, then screw the other steel into the sleeve to tighten it. B. Same...Read more »

  • The maintenance and maintenance of the wire retainer
    Post time: Jul-16-2018

    The threading machine is developed from manual pipe thread hinge plate electrodynamic. It greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers installing pipe threads. So that the pipe thread processing becomes fast, convenient, simple. It’s been almost 30 years now. The sheath is made up of eigh...Read more »

  • Rebar connection sleeve manufacturer direct selling
    Post time: Jul-11-2018

    Hebei Yida Reinforcing Bar Technology co., LTD., founded on the 20th anniversary, is one of the few domestic construction steel bar mechanical connection technology companies integrating r&d, production and sales. Company production of various types and specifications of the steel bar connect...Read more »

  • Post time: Jul-07-2018

    In order to make the company all staff understand the basic knowledge of fire, improve safety awareness, enhance self-protection ability, grasp of the emergency fire strain, survival skills, learn to put out the fire and orderly evacuation, to ensure staff safety of life and property safety, the ...Read more »

  • Post time: Jul-07-2018

      In order to better publicize safety knowledge and improve employees’ safety awareness, on the morning of July 6, yida company held education safety month meeting in front of the office building in the factory district(And safety month activity summary meeting). June is the national s...Read more »

  • In an impetuous era, what is the future of machinery manufacturing?
    Post time: Jul-04-2018

    The machinery industry has been regarded as in decline in recent years: It is better to invest in real estate than to draw mechanical pictures for 10 years? The machinery industry is not expected to see big ups and downs as companies hold orders. The whole machinery industry is steadily on the r...Read more »

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